Use the CITIZENS for Sanctuary library of resources to educate, inspire and equip citizens to take action. More resources will be added here soon...

Citizen Organising Foundation
Members of Parliament
Voucher Exchange
Newspaper Society
ICAR’s list of mentoring and befriending services
Directory of Local Councils
UNHCR game, ‘Against All Odds’
19 Princelet Street
Fish and Chips
Review of Robert Winder’s ‘Bloody Foreigners’
City of Sanctuary
McKenzie Friend:
Zacchaeus 2000 Trust who give training to those hoping to be McKenzie Friends
Friends of Lunar House:
Contact the Prime Minister:
BOAZ food parcel endurance challenge:
Independent Asylum Commission:
Still Human Still Here
Refugee Council Campaigns Page
Student Action for Refugees
Refugee Action
London Citizens' "Strangers into Citizens" campaign
Amnesty International's "Refugees and Asylum Campaign"
Church Action on Poverty's "Living Ghosts" campaign
to end the destitution of asylum seekers

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